IPL 2024: Pink Promise! by Rajastan Royals, 13 Sixers, Solar System for 78 Homes?

The Rajasthan Royals team, which is doing extremely well in the ongoing IPL 2024 cricket tournament, has come up with a social cause called Pink Promise along with its performance.

Under the Pink Promise mission, the Rajasthan Royals franchise, which played in pink jersey against RCB, has won the hearts of the people with its innovative social work. Through its Pink Promise project, the Rajasthan team has inspired tens of families to install solar power.

This is the plan to install solar power system for 6 houses for every six hit by Rajasthan Royals team in IPL 2024 Match against RCB. Accordingly, the Rajasthan team has now provided light to a total of 78 families, and the franchise had announced it before the match that they would provide free solar power connection to 6 houses in Rajasthan for every six. A total of 13 sixes were hit in yesterday’s match. In this calculation, solar power connection will be provided to a total of 78 houses. This initiative is praised by all the cricket plans. Crowd cheered for this initiative by franchise. Total 78 families will be beneficial by this pink promise project.

And at the same time to empower the women in Rajastan , franchise has taken a step to donate Rs 100 from each ticket sold . Both this initiative by the franchise and team was appreciated by each and everyone without any heartedness.

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