Have You Noticed These Marks On The Coins? These Give An Idea Where Coins Are Minted


There are numerous things about which we may not know a lot yet we use them routinely in everyday life, for example, currency coins of various sections. Without a doubt, money coins are utilized by us all however what number of us even have a thought regarding where they are stamped? Security Printing and minting corporation of India limited (SPMCIL) satisfies the obligation of minting Indian coins and as of now, it is being done at four areas – Hyderabad, Mumbai, Noida and Kolkata. You will be amazed to know that just by looking at the coin; you can ascertain the government mint at which the coin was minted. Read to know more….

Mumbai & Kolkata: The Indian Government Mint at Mumbai was set up in the year 1829 by the lead representative and it was in 1876 that it was given over to the public authority of India. The coins that are printed at Mumbai mint have a diamond mark under the time of issue. The coins may have a B or M imprint too; be that as it may, generally the proof coins have these imprints. The coins minted at Kolkata mint have no mark under the year of issue. The Kolkata mint which was set up in 1757 has chosen to have no mark but sometimes the coins do  have “c” mark.

Noida &  Hyderabad: Noida Mint is the solitary mint which has been set up after the independence of India. It began its tasks in the year 1988 and the coins printed at Noida have a dot under the date of issue. At first Hyderabad mint which appeared in 1803 was an royal Mint as it was utilized by the Nizam of Hyderabad. The public authority of India brought the mint under its influence in the year 1950. The coins stamped at Hyderabad have a star under the time of issue however in some cases different marks, for example, split diamond or dot in the diamond are additionally found in the coins.

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