Lok Samara 2024: From today, people above 85 years can ‘Vote from Home’ in Karnataka.

During the Lok Sabha elections, voters above 85 years of age and disabled voters were allowed to vote from home from Saturday, a total of 49,648 voters were registered.Voters are allowed to vote from today till April 18. Only those who are already registered are being allowed to vote from home. The election staff goes to the houses and conducts secret voting through ballot paper.

During the last election, the state of Karnataka for the first time allowed people above 80 years of age to vote at home. It was extended across the country in Lok Sabha elections and increased to 85 years.

A total of 3,40,856 voters in the state are above 85 years of age and 36,691 voters are registered to vote from home. There are a total of 2,76,042 disabled voters in the state, out of which 12,957 voters have registered to vote from home. A total of 49,648 are above 85 years and disabled voters. The same steps are taken as during voting. Voting will be allowed by arranging secret ballot at home.

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