Kantara review: A mystical experience of a lifetime.


The word “Kantara” means “mysterious forest” and all the action takes place in a forest.
This movie is absolutely bonkers, wild and something which can be watched again and again for the spectacle. This film impresses with its variety of forms and feelings – there is a whole bunch of emotions.

Coming to the movie, the movie is extremely layered and it’s amazing how Rishab has managed to keep it rooted and grounded while being totally effective. Set in Tulunadu, this movie on the surface is an action thriller, but if you go beyond the surface, there is a phenomenal portrayal of superstition, religion, caste system, greed, land ownership and everything in between that sets up the tone of the movie. This movie is set up in 3 timelines namely the 1840s, 1970s and 1990s. It starts off with a flashback and narration to move things right from the start.

There is comedy, thrill, action , romance and all have been accurately portrayed. They could have diverted away from the main plot but they don’t .The way characters talk , what they wear, how they communicate , every detail is on point. It is really amazing how Rishabh Shetty has captured the myths and folklore of the region and set up such an engaging story.

Even his portrayal of #Shiva as the rebel was so accurately done. His conflicts , both internal & external will immerse you .The visuals are ideally combined with subplots and the authenticity to mix the culture of Kambla (buffalo race) and Bhootha Kola (which is respecting & worshipping, the spirits of the past) is totally on point. It is picturized so well as the climax moments densely settles in memory for quite a long time and it will be the same for other viewers too.

One of the high points of the movie was how the movie commented on the pseudo environmental activists through a character and it was done effectively. In conclusion, it can be said that the detailing done in the movie is worth watching. Right from the characters, the music and the BGM which is outstanding throughout, not a single moment is boring. Rarely does a movie come which transports you to another world and this is one of them. This deserves a theatrical experience to enjoy it. Don’t miss it for anything. -Nishant Mishra

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