Top 10 Richest Actors in India. Finally the list is released.


10. Vijay- Net Worth:$57.5 million(420 crores): Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar is an Indian Actor, artist, playback vocalist, and altruist who works in Tamil film. Vijay is the most generously compensated actor in Tamil film, Called “Thalapathy” by fans and media. He gets a compensation of 20 to 30 crore for a film yet as of late the entertainer will be paid a stunning 100 crore rupees as rumuneration for an untitled venture with sun pictures.

9.Kamal Haasan- Net Worth:$100 milion (730 crores): Kamal Hassan is an entertainer, artist, chief, screenwriter, maker, playback artist, artist, and political figure who works in Tamil film primarily. He has worked in different other languages. According to the business, Rs 18 crore is paid to Hassan per film. He is presently seen in different advertisements and banners all through the state.

8.Said ali khan- Net worth:$160 million(1120 crores): Saif Ali khan is an Indian film actor and producer and one of the wealthiest actor in India. he started his acting vocation in huge creation houses like Yash chopra’s film “Parampara” in 1993. Saif Ali khan total assets’ significant part comes from his ancestral estate. He charges Rs 6 to 10 crore for every film and Rs 3-4 crore for each campaign.

7.chiranjeevi- Net Worth:$160 million (1120 crores): chiranjeevi is an indian film maker, politician, and most extravagant entertainer in south India. Known for his dance capacities, chiranjeevi has showed up essentially in Telegu film in more than 150 highlights. The actor supposedly was paid a charge of about Rs 40-50 crore for a film in addition to a level of benefit share.

6.Aamir Khan- Net Worth: $250 million( 1435 crores): Amir Khan is an actor with numerous abilities and a set up star in the film industry in India. Also as is a talented artist, he is a director and producer. Aside from being as one of the most highest paid entertainers in Bollywood, Amir Khan is in this top 10 most richest actors list is a result of his hefty charges for endorsements.

5.Akshay Kumar- Net Worth:$273 million(1911 crores): Akshay Kumar is one of the best actors in Indian cinema, starring in 100s of movies and 29 plus blockbuster films. He is an Indian actor with the most-followed Instagram account, with around 35.3 million followers. He is one of the highest paid actor, he charges up to 135 crore rupees per film.

4.Salman Khan- Net Worth:$310 million(2170 crores): He is called as ‘Bhai of Bollywood’ the idea he got is because of his liberality, aggressive nature, philanthropy, and of course his muscular body.Salman Khan is an actor and a successful producer, an occasional singer, and a TV personality. He was the most noteworthy evaluated indian with $37.7 million of pay, as indicated by the Forbes 2018 list of Top Pay 100 Celebrity Entertainers on the planet.

3.Hritik Roshan-Net Worth:$371 million(2600 crores): He is ranked as the highest taxpayer and perhaps the richest hero in India, he tops the list when it comes to dancing or method acting. Hritik Roshan is also of the most handsome men in the world not just in Bollywood. His net value included his casual wear clothing brand HRX, which currently stands at $200 million in market value.

2.Amitabh Bachchan-Net Worth:$400 million(2800 crores): He is one among the most respected actors in the Indian film industry. He also received Dadasaheb Phalke Award for the best actor. Amitabh Bachchan invested in several upcoming company projects. He also owns a 3.4% holding in a monetary engineering company called Stampede Capital.

1.Shahrukh Khan-Net Worth:$600 million(4200 crores): He is known as Bollywood’s King and the richest actor in India 2021 with a remarkable total net worth of 600 million dollars. According to Forbes, he ranks among the top 10 richest actors in the world. He charges about 3.4 to 4 crores a day for acting or appearing in Advertisements.

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